P.P.H.U. AMID is a leading provider of a Big-Bag type Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers. Our firm handles both new bags, as well as those after a single use. We have a modern plant at our disposal outfitted with the latest equipment of many well-known international companies.

    To help protect the environment, we also offer recycling and waste-management services for used Big-Bags. We provide our clients with full-service collection and recovery of used packaging and supply detailed reports regarding post-consumer recycling procedures.

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   Big-Bag type FIBCs are large-size DPPL containers. They are used for transport and storage of various dry and loose goods, from chemical agents to foodstuffs.
   Depending on individual needs of our clients, we can offer polypropylene Big-Bags, PE coated or not, holding anywhere from 500 kg to 2 500 kg. Each container can be equipped with 1, 2 or 4 loop handles, filling and discharge spouts, and full stitch sealing.      ...more


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